Danube University Krems

The University for Continuing Education

Danube University Krems specializes in increasing the qualifications of working professionals as the only public university for continuing education in the German-speaking world. Serving about 8,000 students from 85 countries and with more than 26,500 graduates, it is one of the leading universities offering advanced education courses in Europe. The University offers exclusive Master’s courses and short programs in nine areas of study.

The courses are characterized by innovative learning formats such as blended learning, the combination of traditional classroom teaching and online learning, and especially by linking science with practice. The strength of Danube University Krems is to provide state of the art university courses meeting current and future societal challenges. Danube University Krems incorporates the (professional) experience of its students and teachers into its teaching and research. This ensures top-notch knowledge and competence transfer between university and practice.

Also research at Danube University Krems centers on contemporary and future challenges society faces. In a trans-disciplinary context she builds bridges between basic research and practical application and is devoted in the areas Cohesive and Innovative Societies, Cultural Heritage, Regenerative Medicine and Continuing Education Research.


IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

studying the international way

Located in the Wachau region in the heart of Lower Austria, IMC Krems is one of Austria’s most international and innovative universities of applied sciences – with a global network of 110 partner universities and students from more than 50 countries. The universityoffers 27 full- and part-time degree programmes in Health Sciences, Business Studies and Life Sciences. The strong practical element and high academic standards of IMC Krems bachelor’s and master’s programmes prepare students to pursue a career in Austria or abroad. Courses are held in both English and German, and students also have the opportunity to complete internships and semesters abroad, as well as participating in international exchange programmes. IMC Krems enjoys a high level of international recognition, thanks in part to certification from the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE), and membership of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). IMC Krems receives FIBAA quality seal – The Bonn-based Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), a leading international quality assurance agency, presented its quality seal to the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. This year HR specialists rank IMC Krems as Austria´s top university of applied sciences.


Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL)

Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL) is the first Austrian tertiary education institution to offer a comprehensive range of integrated, interdisciplinary medical and health sciences degree programmes in line with the requirements of the Bologna model. KL educates the next generation of health scientists and doctors. They will be pioneers in new areas of research and flag bearers for an interdisciplinary approach to health and medicine. The state-of-the-art curriculum with its emphasis on biomedical engineering and health economics opens up prospects in a number of health-sector professions.
Our network of university hospitals in St. Pölten, Krems and Tulln enables us to provide students with a quality-assured, research-led education, and to carry out top-class clinical research with a strong international reputation.
Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences and its degree programmes received accreditation from the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria) in November 2013.
Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften GmbH, a non-profit company, is the legal entity responsible for the provision of tertiary education by Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences. The company’s shareholders are the Medical University of Vienna (50 percent), Danube University Krems and IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems (25 percent each). The governing bodies are the joint chief executive officers (CEOs), the Supervisory Board and the General Meeting.
Study Programm: Two full time study programmes: Health Sciences Bachelor Study Programme and Human Medicine Master Study Programme (together Austrias first bologna-compliant medical study programme) as well as two part time study programmes: Psychotherapy and Counselling Sciences Bachelor Study Programme and Neurorehabilitation Sciences Master Study Programme.