Campus Ball Krems: An evening in celebration of education and research in Lower Austria

University for Continuing Education Krems, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems and Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences jointly have been organizing the Campus Ball which has evolved to an established society highlight within the region. Here guests from academia, science, politics, economy, art and culture attend a festive ball night.

The spacious study and research area of the Campus Krems is transformed into a beautiful indoor and outdoor ball. The Campus Ball Krems combines the tradition of Austrian ball culture with the flair of the Wachau wine landscape as well as the cultural enthusiasm of the Krems region with the educational and knowledge hunger of the three organizing educational institutions.

Review of the Campus Ball Krems
Experience the special atmosphere of Campus Ball Krems in our video. The 34,000 square metres of study and research facilities at Campus Krems were transformed into Austria’s most beautiful indoor and outdoor ball venue.


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